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Application Support and Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics

Prodware's third party application maintenance will help your business to focus on its activities while our team support your infrastructure

Prodware's application support and maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics takes the burden off your teams and allows you to concentrate on your business, enabling you to keep your operating budget down over time and giving you the benefit of preventive, corrective and progressive maintenance. 

An effective, up-to-date IT infrastructure sits at the heart of every thriving modern day business. It is imperative in ensuring collaboration and information sharing; enabling all areas of the business to be managed appropriately. As a vital business process enabler, IT resources need to be managed, monitored and maintained properly

Benefits of Prodware's application support and maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics

  • Multilingual support for users (managing phone calls, traceability with our tracking tool, on-the-spot resolution, diagnosis, identification of solutions, flexible working hours…)
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance ( resolution of operating anomalies, minor updates, interoperability with existing applications, complementary development and configurations, preventive intervention…)
  • Progressive maintenance (dealing with modification requests, commitment to major updates, operation analysis, acceptance testing…)
  • Service quality management (SLA and metrics, improvement plan, associated service levels, tracking reports, risk plan management…)

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