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Warehouse Management Software | WMS suite by Prodware

Warehouse management software - Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, this solution streamlines inventory management

Why is warehouse management software critical?  For manufacturers and distributors, inventory management has a major impact on profit margins, cash flow management, customer service levels, waste reduction and product obsolescence, time-to-market and revenue generation.

The need to ensure proactive stock level visibility is at the heart of a distribution organisation, allowing you to minimise the risk of becoming Out of Stock (OOS) or at the least to pre-warn your customer so that alternative arrangements can be made without affecting their order pattern. Accurate knowledge about core products and core customers is essential to effective inventory management.

In a recent benchmarking report on demand management by Gartner, they discovered that only 17 percent of respondents indicated that they forecast at the stock keeping unit (SKU), location and customer planning level. 

The packaged solution for warehouse management, WMS Suite by Prodware, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, streamlines inventory management for distribution, manufacturing and logistics organisations.

These sectors face challenges of overstocking, lack of stock, wasted time of drivers and pickers within the warehouse, and, overall, time consuming administrative processes.

WMS Suite by Prodware

A cost effective solution that improves productivity through functionality that reduces training time for operatives, supports voice picking, improves picking accuracy, and gives businesses a ROI within 12 months.

Functionality of WMS Suite by Prodware - warehouse management software that works with Microsoft Dynamics

  • Address management
  • Management of items
  • Management of rights and resources
  • Transport management
  • Management of packing units
  • Reception management
  • Storage management
  • Picking
  • Shipment
  • Inventory and internal movements
  • Monitoring of business activity
  • Traceability
  • Radio frequency terminal
  • Management of warnings and alerts
  • Pre-invoicing module and logistic costs
  • EDI 

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