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Improve your productivity – wherever you are

Mobility software supports your sales team, delivery drivers & maintenance/service technicians.  Mobility Suite by Prodware directly connects with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP to help remote workers access your business management system without the need for double entry or delayed information exchange. The application also helps with route optimisation and scheduling of deliveries for distribution organisations.

By 2020, according to GSMA, there will be an additional 880 million unique mobile subscribers – accounting for 56% of the global population, using over 25 billion devices.  This impacts on the use of cloud technology which is also set to double in terms of data usage in the 7 years since 2013 to 70%.  The use of mobile devices is no longer confined to personal life as it extends into business application to support strategic requirements of collaboration, increased productivity, flexibility of remote working, reduced administration and swifter decision making.
 According to IDC, IT organisations will dedicate at least 25% of their software budgets to mobile application development, deployment and management by 2017.

Mobility Suite by Prodware improves productivity and enhances customer service...

By avoiding duplication of tasks and improves accuracy by eliminating the need for double entry or waiting until the field worker returns to the office.  Flexible and easy to use, the mobile solution is available across multiple platforms both online and offline with instant server synchronisation.

Key functions of Mobility Suite

  • Customer record management – display sales history, outstanding payments, current balance and promotional price agreements
  • Inventory management
  • Product catalogue management
  • Expense management
  • Multi-platform solution – compatible with PDA and PCs
  • Export of mobile data in various formats including HTML and CSV
  • Sales order management
  • Aids quick decision making on the move

We have selected relevant brochures below, but please search our Resources page and read our blog articles about Mobility


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