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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is comprehensive ERP software, aimed at mid-size and large companies

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Watch the Dynamics AX video now.

Please watch the videos from the virtual launch.

Download the Microsoft whitepaper: "Microsoft Dynamics 7 and the Cloud".

Dynamics AX online (Dynamics 365 for Operations) provides the following benefits to enterprises:
New user experience

A redesigned, touch-enabled user experience that works like Microsoft Office, delivering deep integration between Dynamics AXDynamics CRM and Office 365. Real-time analytics powered by Azure Machine Learning Services offer the ability to visualise Power BI data directly from AX.

Easier implementation:

Enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services, an Azure-based service that enables turnkey implementation with improved cloud functionality, Dynamics AX 7, has a simple upgrade process.

Anytime, anwhere:

The new HTML5-based browser interface is so flexible you will be able to access AX from virtually any device. 


Increase the speed of doing business with Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365 for Operations)

Dynamics AX enables people to make smarter decisions on the go with access to real-time insights and intelligence on nearly any device, anywhere. Businesses are able to create their business processes faster.

  • Make smart decisions quickly
    Get real-time insights in a mobile, familiar and easy-to-use experience to be more productive, faster.
  • Transform business faster
    Help improve your business planning and execution through predictable implementation.
  • Intelligent order fulfillment
    Get the flexibility of the cloud to scale globally and grow at your own pace.

Deliver amazing customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics AX

The current version of Microsoft Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365 for Operations) has been created to help organisations better manage changing customer demands in today’s multi-channel digital world.

  • Accelerate global expansion with flexible deployments
    Offering businesses the ability to leverage the power and flexibility of the Microsoft cloud to scale their operations globally.
  • Deliver seamless commerce and omni-channel excellence
    Hosted & scalable E-Commerce Services usable with 3rd party online stores.
  • Drive Intelligent Operations
    From large organisations to small, it is very important to ensure the effective movement of a product from procurement through sale to re-order.

Work smarter with connected operations

Keep up with the pace of business through modern connected operations solutions that accelerate new product introductions and enable agile, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain execution.

  • Accelerate product introductions
    Reduce risks and test new product ideas, confident in your company’s ability to fulfill demand using intelligent and digital manufacturing.
  • Drive agile shop floor execution
    Manage your production floor, enhance productivity and global visibility with operational workspaces.
  • Introduce intelligent order fulfillment
    Empower your employees to explore remediation options for your customers by increasing global visibility of your inventory, manufacturing and logistics.

Drive business performance
Microsoft Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365 for Operations) helps finance professionals get invaluable business insights, so they can anticipate business needs and help enable the delivery of competitive advantage.  

  • Monitor the pulse of your business
    Drive corporate performance with business insights and intelligence.
  • Assess and manage risk
    Gain increased visibility to organisational risks with a single view into your business.
  • Industry specific capabilities: Manufacturing, retail, Distribution, Service industries, Public Sector
  • Financial management
  • Human capital management
  • Production
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Retail
  • Project management and accounting
  • Sales and marketing (CRM)
  • Service management
  • Business intelligence and reporting

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