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E-commerce software - Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is the e-commerce software solution for companies who want to sell products or services online and link their ERP and website directly

Prodware has partnered with Sana Commerce to support our strategic move to digital commerceby bringing a B2C e-commerce experience to B2B organisations. Together, we're helping organisations reach their growth targets through beautiful, mobile optimised,and user-friendly web stores.

Due to a seamless integration with MicrosoftDynamics, we build a web store that’s a perfect extension of your existingsales processes. Eliminating double handling - this web store acts as yoursingle source of truth and does the admin for you.

A Sana web store is not only beautiful but it’sbuilt to help drive new traffic to your website – expanding your reach and driving conversions through advanced online marketing functionalities.

Empower Customers

· Quick Ordering

· View & Pay Open Invoices Online

· Online Access to Documents

· Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA)

Simplified Setup & Ongoing Maintenance

· Direct Out of the Box Integration

· Multiple Stores, Brands and Selling Models

· Flexible and Extensible

· Authorisation / Roles and Rights

· ERP Upgrade Policy

Better Buying Experience

· Advanced Web Store Navigation and Product Catalogue Features

· Customer Segments, Assortments, and Related Products

· Dynamic Shopping Cart Calculation

· Seamless Experience Across Devices

· Inventory Management

The Benefits for Marketing

· Marketing Web Pages with CMS

· SEO and Site Map Generation

· Email Marketing

· Internationalisation

The Benefits for Sales

· Export to External Marketplaces

· Represent a Customer



· B2B ECommerce explained

Selling online isn’t just for retailers, and it hasn’t been for a while. Watch our on-demand webinar about the trends, benefits and technology behind online sales for B2B.

· Benefits of Integration

By plugging your online sales platform directly into your ERP — where your pricing, order availability and customer information is already stored, you can leverage the data and logic you already have and transform it into a powerful, attractive web store.

· Discover Sana for Microsoft Dynamics

Learn more about the benefits of Sana and how it can help you drive your business – with a modern, attractive, future-proof web store.

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