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Microsoft Dynamics Software for Field Service Management

Dynamics software for field service management helps service management, maintenance and rental businesses

Prodware’s Microsoft Dynamics Software for Field Service Management covers the key functions of the business, such as sales and marketing, purchasing, productions, logistics and distribution, finance, projects, service management, maintenance and customer service.

 Service management and maintenance hasn’t traditionally been seen as an area where profit can be made, but this trend is changing particularly for manufacturers and distributors due to the evolution from just selling products to offering additional services.  By providing high quality services, an organisation creates memorable experiences that engender loyalty and result in recommendations.

 Service is the backbone of customer experience, and customer experience is the backbone of revenue growth.  Times are changing where margin expectations are growing from product to service lines within business.  Therefore the need for investment in the systems that drive field service team is growing.

 By empowering field service and delivery agents with the use of back office applications that seamlessly integrate and synch with warehouse, sales and finance functions; they can easily find, reserve and dispatch replacement products on demand; understand customer history prior to on-site and communicate with colleagues (and send PoD and repairs images to support) in real time.

Your options for Microsoft Dynamics Software for Field Service Management

Whether you choose ERP or CRM - Prodware Adjust Services and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service helps ensure businesses provide the right person, in the right place, at the right time, using the right skills and equipment.  This drives better customer satisfaction AND improves the productivity of resource.

Using best practice, workflows within the Microsoft field service management solution streamline field service interactions - from receiving the job order, through to schedule and dispatch, customer updates, service call and outcomes, payment collection and approval of work orders.

Prodware understands the issues and requirements for this sector, which include:


  • Increasing productivity and revenue yield per engineer
  • Flexible and optimised scheduling
  • Incident reduction through predictive or proactive maintenance
  • Efficiency and overhead costs gains via remote monitoring model
  • Margin control and reducing cost to serve
  • Customer satisfaction and retention via visibility and communication
  • Plan customer engagement strategies and the specific need to track service contract renewals
  • Increase revenue share per customer via upsell and cross-sell
  • Ability to set and track SLAs and KPIs at granular and summary level in order to improve margin and operations
  • Accurate and efficient customer billing
  • Integrating inventory, billing and scheduling in real time
  • Connecting your field to your HQ


Going further, the supply chain is extended and circular, with customers placed no longer at the end of it but at the beginning, generating a real customer-focussed offering.

Your users are able to have an efficient workflow, which is available on mobile devices so that they can work wherever and whenever.

Prodware adjust Services gives services providers the tools they need to function efficiently, providing a familiar user interface which is easy to learn and use. The solution offers companies the advantage of industry-specific software, whilst gaining the benefits of leading ERP technology and feature-rich functionality.

  • Integrated with Dynamics CRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • HelpDesk Management
  • Document Repository Management


Microsoft dynamics nav

Improved functionality within Dynamics 365 for Field Service from Prodware keeps up to date with latest technology to equip your business with the right tools for the job. 

  • Connected Field Service can pre-empt service calls through remote monitoring;
  • schedule optimisation can automatically fit the most daily appointments and minimise driving time;
  • empowering your customers with multiple channels to communicate such as SMS, chat and portals drives better visibility

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