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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Professional Services

This is an end-to-end ERP software system specifically developed for Professional Services organisations

Why select Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Professional Services?  With an increase in order values and margins being under pressure, having a business management solution which provides automated purchasing and sales processes offers your professional services  business a competitive advantage.

For many professional services companies, the daily challenge is achieving a balance between dedicated resources for ongoing projects and forecasting upcoming demand for new projects, so as to reduce downtime of the service provided and consultants.  Project managers need the tools to ensure overall control.

Prodware adjust Professional & IT Services solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allows professional services companies to get the most out of their sales channels featuring real-time integration with trading partners, manufacturers and distributors.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Professional Services helps PSOs, such as accounting, legal, management consulting, information technology (IT) services and other types of highly specialised outsourced services to address common operational and administrative challenges.

Despite being diverse disciplines, professional services organisations share a common set of baseline challenges: managing client relationships, maintaining customer contact points, talent management, monitoring service delivery, cost control and financial management.

Prodware adjust Professional Services empowers employees to deliver the very best a organisation has to offer at every client touch point. The business management system provides the tools for professional service organisations to improve efficiency, easily find and share information and insights, enable transparency across the business with a 360 degree view of the customer and empower employees to react quickly to take advantage of new opportunities.

With foresight and integrated, flexible systems, businesses can optimise people and processes, streamline operations, deliver distinctive client experiences, manage the changing workforce profile and fulfil profitable growth objectives.

In a highly competitive market, it is important to consider cost, margins, control and optimise schedules, as well as profitability of resources. Due to the variety of services offered, one of the main challenges for service providers is to communicate real value and deliver high quality services on time and on budget, whilst continually improving the customer experience. It is important to evaluate the impact of a business management (ERP and CRM) solution in helping professional services organisations increase their project management capabilities in a profitable way.

Key features of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Professional Services from Prodware

  • Case management
  • Customer relationship management, opportunity management and proposals
  • Sales and purchase order processing with distributor integration
  • Website integration
  • Contract management
  • Configuration management
  • Installed items and contracts
  • Helpdesk, incident / change management, revision monitoring, service quality, customer satisfaction
  • SLA management
  • Service desk
  • Engineer management
  • Courses and training
  • Project planning and management
  • Repairs (RMA)
  • Financial management
  • Resource management

 Avoid customer losses due to inefficiencies, delays and errors in your projects

  • Give your teams the tools to collaborate and share relevant information among themselves and customers
  • Take advantage of your businesses intellectual capital with collaboration tools to capture, find, share, and  reuse information

Manage your recruitment and talent development

  • Attract, grow, and preserve the best and brightest talent
  • Provide knowledge-building experiences that optimise career paths 

Manage your project implementation

  • Ensure billing milestones are completed as and when due and anticipate potential deviations
  • Predict the profitability of your projects from the start
  • Eliminate penalties for mismanagement
  • Control the financial risk of the project and align billing with the work completion
  • Plan your resources with a clear view of completed and outstanding jobs

Make informed decisions with real-time information 

  • Provide remote workers with the information they need to complete jobs and communicate with colleagues
  • Gain clear visibility of the commercial portfolio, view reliable sales forecasts and schedule marketing actions aimed at lead generation

Optimise Business Processes

Can provide up to 80% time reduction from quotation to delivery, giving resellers an impressive return on investment by supporting their primary business processes:

  • Close more projects faster and grow client wallet share with insightful, real-time, and contextual responses that build trust 
  • Real-time integration of ERP functions with distributors and vendors
  • Real time price and stock availability across the channel 

e-Commerce designed specifically for the VAR


Ease of use

  • The solution is "easy to use" and can quickly and effectively be integrated and deployed by our industry experts

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