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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Manufacturing

Prodware adjust Manufacturing is ERP software, designed for the Manufacturing industry powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Prodware's Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Manufacturing provides advanced management quality control, integrated management of external suppliers and the advance planning and multi-site production, this enables complete control over the whole manufacturing process.

To compete with overseas suppliers, UK manufacturers are looking to swiftly adopt the latest technologies in order to seize the operational advantage, whilst keeping processes up and running.  Manufacturers are looking for technology providers to guide them through transitions to the latest technology, help them to understand the benefits, train them and guide them through the implementation processes. An IT provider can show you how to calculate the ROI from your IT system and improve data analysis. By combining multiple systems into one IT providers can help manufacturers implement an IT strategy rather than responding to ad hoc technology requirements, to ultimately develop a smart factory. For more information on smart manufacturing and technology aiding UK manufacturing, download the Microsoft white paper.

 Able to meet customer expectations, Prodware adjust Manufacturing can help businesses to maintain margins, optimise business processes and production, manage operations from conception to the delivery of orders so that they can ensure their commitments of time, quality and cost are met.

Benefits of Prodware's Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Manufacturing

Management of all Related Data
Allows you to make specifications, as well as manage quality control and importantly the flow of business data.

Item Configurator
Prodware adjust Manufacturing allows you to automate creation of articles with smart code. The solution enables a uniqueness in creative control following the discriminating criteria.

Management applications for indexed articles
The management applications allow users to manage workflow, as well as change requests and track any changes which are made.

Tracking of Goods
Allows users to track all goods, parcels, or contracts in the business.

Quality Control Management
Users are able to manage all of the goods and their quality using batch number, or serial number with management acceptances, rejections and queued data. The software enables your business to manage the bidding of suppliers and automatic creation of orders improving productivity.

Building on Prodware’s experience of ERP systems, Prodware has also developed solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for manufacturing, specific to the process manufacturing industry.

Going beyond the delivery of products, more manufacturers are implementing a policy of "customer support", which is designed to generate additional recurring revenue. Manufacturers have quickly and effectively developed a full range of services, including on-site audit, preventive maintenance, and improvement of existing products and services. Manufacturers of today have a growing need to track all performance areas, requiring easy-to-use and flexible solutions which can effectively manage their business and drive the globalisation of supply chains and increasing customer demand of innovation and low cost hence the increase in demand for manufacturing software.

Prodware's manufacturing erp software provides manufacturers with visibility of production, finance and services, ensuring a direct impact on cost control and responsiveness. Prodware adjust manufacturing manages:

  • Material requirements planning systems (MRP systems)
  • Competitive tender management
  • Product data
  • Item Configurator
  • Comparison of classifications
  • Indexed classifications
  • Quality Records
  • Extended packing
  • Rank numbers
  • Program specifications and contracts

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