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Made To Order with TRIMIT

The TRIMIT solution is designed specifically for companies who sell customised / configured products or products with variants in a range of industries, such as fashion, furniture, electrical equipment, and others. It uses a product configurator at the sales and production stages to cost-effectively produce variant items, thereby lowering manufacturing and marketing costs and increasing overall profitability.

The Prodware TRIMIT solution provides a full ERP system, designed to support organisations where MTO is a business production strategy that typically allows consumers to purchase products that are customised to their specifications. This MTO strategy only manufactures the end product once the customer places the order, allowing for more flexible customisation, compared to purchasing directly from their shelves.

The BTO, pull-type production model can be employed by industries where the quantity needed to be produced per product specification is one or only a few and on demand from the customer.


For more than 27 years, TRIMIT has been a front-runner in providing companies worldwide with the platform they need to focus on doing business and perform at their very best. The industry-tailored solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and works by seamlessly combining PDM, ERP, and Ecommerce in one single powerful software solution that covers the entire lifecycle of a product.

Today, more than 400 companies in the fashion, furniture, and manufacturing industries use the TRIMIT solution to automate and optimise their business from design to delivery. Additional information about TRIMIT is available at

Justin Herbert, UK Country Manager at Prodware commented, “Following feedback from customers and prospects, we reviewed software in the market and swiftly came to the conclusion that TRIMIT’s proven success in delivering tailored, all-encompassing solutions will help our Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers with their specific needs.”

“Throughout the supply chain, we often have conversations with prospects who struggle with too many manual processes, are constrained by product variants in their production or sales practices and feel that they are simply not making efficient use of capacity.  Organisations don’t want multiple pieces of kit to handle these challenges but want to work with one familiar tool that provides an overview of every process, from design, quotation and production to final delivery.  With the powerful combination of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT, our customers can minimise errors and waste through better management of their bill of material (BOM) and get an up-to-date picture of their key business areas such as inventory and finance.”

“We are delighted to partner with Prodware UK,” said TRIMIT Head of Sales Troels Rasmussen. He continued, "Prodware UK is a dedicated and experienced Microsoft Dynamics partner. Its business knowledge and commitment to delivering customers an outstanding service and successful projects is what we look for in partners.”

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