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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Life Sciences

Prodware adjust Life Sciences is fully-integrated ERP software designed around the needs of life sciences industry powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Prodware's Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Life Sciences covers the key functions of life sciences industry - pharmaceutical manufacturing and cosmetic business management - such as procurement, production, traceability, stock control, quality control, supply chain management, logistics, distribution, sales, marketing and finance.

With Prodware adjust Life Sciences, your company is provided the tools to meet the requirements of the business, including:

  • Traceability - Automates linked activities (processes) of your company to increase the eco-efficiency rate and traceability
  • Quality Control with real time data
  • Accounting / Cost Control - Minimises the costs of logistic and supply chain
  • Compliance FDA a constant monitoring of legislation, regulation and new developments in your area
  • Follows the guidelines of good manufacturing practices
  • Reliable reporting data management to aid decision making

The "all-in-one" solution from Prodware, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365, covers the key functions of the food manufacturing and trading business, including stock purchasing, traceability, quality control, logistics, food production, trade and finance.

Specifically designed with the pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotech and medical manufacturing industries in mind, this all-encompassing solution matches the ever changing needs of the life sciences industry and is at thr forefront of pharmaceutical technology.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Life Sciences

Continuous traceability of batches and serial numbers, multiple levels:

  • Batch status management
  • Availability check by batch integrated to the MRP
  • Batch validation permissions
  • Detailed consultation of the tracking history
  • Integrated to the quality control and warehouse management

Integrated quality management system:

  • Automatic creation of test order within the supply chain
  • Test Plan controlled by version and other specific to customer / supplier
  • Automatic determination of the sample size
  • Administration of the severity of inspections (DIN ISO 2859)
  • External document management

Production Management and payement mandate:

  • Manufacturing protocol (recipe and line)
  • Detailed Forcasted cost
  • Management of active substances with automatic calculation of quantities depending on the concentration
  • Automatic batch management (heritage and assignment)
  • Detailed monitoring schedules
  • Payement mandate priorities configurable

Data security and audit trails:

  • Protection of access rights (field level)
  • Protection of critical processes GMP by electronic signature
  • Management of the Strategy of verification by password
  • Automatic configurable audit trails

Research & Development:

  • Portfolio management of R&D projects
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Resource Planning
  • Products Lifecycle management
  • Designed with the pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotech and medical manufacturing industries in mind

With the increase of the market competition, businesses need to be at the forefront of innovation, communication, insurance quality, security and responsiveness. With the Prodware adjust Life Sciences software, companies can optimise processes and functionality, access the right information in real time, quality management, document analysis and constant monitoring of local legislation.

Key features

  • Continuous traceability of batches and serial numbers
  • Integrated quality management system
  • Production and Scheduling Management
  • Data security and audit trails
  • Research & Development

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