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Prodware Employee Values

Would you like to work for Prodware? Do you share Prodware employee values?

Whatever the role, whichever department or location our colleagues work in, we share the same Prodware employee values:



At Prodware our motivation for good work comes from both the head and the heart. This underpins the strategy, culture and values of Prodware and carries forward in each internal and external communication.


As skilled colleagues, we show respect for each other – from our shared environment, acknowledging the contribution we each bring as individuals, understanding the value of the team, and to treat others as we want to be treated.
We understand that our clients place their trust with us in order to fulfil their business ambitions; and we respect our partnerships and strive to live up to the role of trusted business advisor.
Prodware as a multi-national organisation, respects individual differences such as language, race, colour, religion, national origin and sexual orientation.



Our ambitions to reach high quality standards through everything we deliver mean that we do not give up in achieving this. We do not want to let our customers, colleagues and ourselves down. Step by step we achieve our goals as a team.



We appreciate that when we enjoy what we do, our performance increases. The shared energy and pleasure of maintaining a positive working life means that customers and colleagues all benefit.



Quite simply, our goal is that we do what we say and say what we do. We understand that our customers make decisions based on what we promise them and Prodware takes responsibility for adding value to their business through excellent service delivery.


Continuous self-improvement

In the fast-moving world of business and technology nothing stays the same for long; so as individuals and an organisation we take collective responsibility to keep learning and hone our skills in order to be trusted, long-term advisers.



Agreed objectives and goals are kept in mind, and even if set-backs occur – it is imperative to keep the ultimate goal in mind; be flexible in order to achieve our ambitions and communicate clearly along the way.



We are proud that we are part of a profitable and growing global, professional network. We emphasise this “Proud to be Prodware” ethos to our customers, partners and each other. It is imperative that we challenge ourselves to the standards we achieve and ask if we are proud of our work.


You will find current Prodware UK vacancies listed and we always welcome speculative applications too.

If you are preparing for an interview with Prodware UK, this website is a good source of information – visit About Us, find out about our Sectors, Solutions, and Services, download Resources and read our Blogs.


Alain Conrard, CEO, Prodware Group




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