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A Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner and experts in business development solutions

Since being founded in 1989, Prodware has developed, deployed, integrated and hosted IT solutions for businesses. A Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner and a key player in the installation and management of global IT solutions and applications, Prodware specialise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and currently serve more than 20,000 active customers, offering industry designed solutions. Prodware’s expertise and strategic partner alliances has enabled them to become Europe’s largest Microsoft Dynamics partner and one of the leading software and IT solutions providers in the UK.

Prodware’s solution offering is varied in order meet clients’ needs in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, including e-commerce software, Cloud services and Application Maintenance. Providing experts solutions.

Prodware Group offers the following services:

Prodware Consultation
Prodware Audit
Prodware Development
Prodware Installation and Configuation
Installation and Configuration
Prodware Maintenance and Assistance
Maintenance and Assistance
Prodware Training

Customer focused, aiding development and innovation

Prodware account managers are all experienced and are qualified in the fields of management and computer sciences, offering service, advice and support regardless of a company’s size or requirements.

At the heart of the Prodware mission is the system integration and the acquiring and development of state of the art computer software products, the pooling of resources has enabled Prodware to use their infrastructure more efficiently. As a company Prodware’s focus is on maintaining close ties with customers ensuring they fulfil their business targets and realise their full national and international potential, even after the deployment of their new solution.

Ongoing development and innovation is essential, Prodware aims to, strengthen their position within traditional markets, continue to provide added value, improve their market offering, identify customers recurring needs and monitor Legal, fiscal and competitive updates resulting from the ITU-T Technology Watch.

A National and International provider of Microsoft Dynamics

With branches in 15 countries and Prodware Group’s ability to integrate and deploy software in over 75 countries, Prodware can help your company on its way to national and international expansion. Find out more.

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